Our Solar Energy Solutions

Here at Canadian Solar Wholesale we offer high-quality solar-powered equipment that you can rely on. Specializing in providing easy to use and assemble off-grid gear, such as our own RV Solar Kits and our All In One Cabin Kit. Canadian Solar Wholesale supplies solar modules from top companies including Hanwha and Longi and are also a proud authorized Battle Born Battery distributor for Western Canada. Striving to offer all renewable energy solutions, we sell Kohler Generators and Sol-ark hybrid inverter systems with lithium and lead carbon battery options. All of Canadian Solar Wholesale products are stocked and ready to be shipped to anywhere in Canada. Order online or contact us below.

Hoymiles DIY Micro Inverter Grid Tie Kits

Sale: 425W Hanwha Pallet  $8662.50

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Data sheet: Hanwha Q.Peak Duo L-G8.3 425W Solar Panel

Battle Born LiFePO4 Batteries

Canadian Solar Wholesale Inc. is now an official Canadian distributor of Battle Born Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Perfect for RVs, vans, boats and golf carts Battle Born Batteries are extremely durable, rechargeable and much lighter than traditional batteries. With built-in battery management and heat distribution systems, Battle Born Batteries make for the perfect companion for any off-grid systems or adventures. We ship nationwide with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Sol-Ark All-in-One Hybrid Inverter Systems

If you are looking to reliably back up your home, or even go off-grid completely, look no further than the Sol-Arks all-in-one Hybrid Inverter system. Perfect for indoor and outdoor set-up, Sol-Arks’ enclosure is rated at  Nema 3R, meaning the system is safe from falling dirt, accidental contact by people or objects, weather conditions like rain and snow, and external ice formation on the enclosure. Our Sol-Ark all-in-one Hybrid Inverter systems come with our custom accessory kit that will cover all the balance of systems you need to safely connect to your residential electrical panel. With online monitoring, an award-winning warranty and 7-day-a-week live engineering support, Sol-Ark Hybrid Inverter Systems have everything you need to start harnessing your energy.

Sacred Sun Battery Banks

Lead Carbon Batteries

Victron Smart Solar RV Kit Sale

Our Victron Smart Solar Rv Kits allow you to get energy on the go. Specially made in-house and sold exclusively on our website, our Victron Smart Solar Rv Kits make adding solar to your RV easy and affordable. Our kits include all the necessary components specially tailored toward your off-grid needs and built for RVs of any size. Once installed there is no need to worry, because here at Canadian Solar Wholesale we are the only authorized Victron warranty and repair center in Western Canada.

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