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DIY Solar Power Solutions for RVs, Boats, Cabins and Homes

  • Empower your energy independence: Take control of your energy needs with our solar panel kits, perfect for RV campers, boats, and residential setups across Canada.
  • Reduce utility bills: Lower your monthly expenses significantly with our comprehensive range of high-efficiency products including off-grid solar systems, and grid-tie solar solutions. Our diverse offerings cater to all your renewable energy needs, ensuring you have access to the best products for both off-grid independence and grid-connected efficiency.
  • Affordable solar solutions: CDN Solar provides cost-effective DIY solar power solutions, including top-tier solar panel systems for RV, lithium RV batteries, and Lifepo4 batteries in Canada.
  • Expert support and installation guides: Our team offers professional support and detailed step-by-step guides for installing solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverters, ensuring you maximize the benefits of Canada's renewable energy resources.
  • Advanced solar technology: Equip your RV or boat with the best solar panels and electricity usage meters to manage and monitor your energy consumption effectively.
  • Reliable delivery across all provinces: Trust CDN Solar for comprehensive solar solutions, delivering solar energy products to every province in Canada—including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. We ensure every customer, no matter where they are located—from the urban centers to the most remote areas—has access to high-quality solar energy products.

Introducing Victron Energy

Power Your Solar Project with Victron

Looking for reliable solar power equipment for your off-grid property, RV, or marine project? With over 45 years of experience, Victron Energy offers high-performance components perfect for your needs. As an approved Western Canada dealer, CDN Solar provides access to the entire Victron Energy product range, at affordable prices. Here are some highlights of Vicron Energy products:

  • Victron Inverters: Efficient energy conversion with Victron MultiPlus and Victron Energy Inverter series.
  • Victron MPPT: Maximize energy with Victron MPPT charge controllers.
  • Victron Battery Solutions: Reliable storage with Victron battery monitors and Victron batteries.
  • Victron DC to DC Charger: Efficient mobile power charging.
  • Victron Smart Shunt: Advanced energy monitoring.