Solar Kits for Canada

DIY - Solar System Kit Solutions

CDN Solar offers a full range of do-it-yourself solar kits for you to choose from. Whether you need solutions for your Off Grid property, looking to reduce utility bills with a Grid Tie kit or to take your RV off grid for longer. We offer a number of options for you depending on your requirements and all kits come with everything you need. We are also happy to work with you to design and customize a solution that is unique to your project.

Getaway From It All

DIY - Off Grid Solar Cabin Kits

With many people choosing to get away from it all and deciding to live Off Grid it is becoming more and more popular to install a do-it-yourself solar system to power the property. So, whether you are just popping up to the cabin for a long weekend or plan on longer stays we have various options for you.

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Choose to live & work where you like

DIY - Off Grid Solar Home Kits

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing solar system or adding to it we have the do-it-yourself kits and components for you. We ship across Canada so give us a call or if you know what your looking for order direct from our secure website.

Save money on utility bills

DIY - Grid Tie Solar System Kits

One of the most popular and cost-effective do it yourself solutions for residential properties to reduce utility bills is the grid tie solar kits. Grid Tie systems feed electricity created by your solar panels directly into your home electricity system and require less equipment to install. This reduces your initial costs and reduces the amount of electricity you purchase from your utility provider. Grid Tie contributes significant savings to your energy bills each month. Any excess solar created is exported to the grid during the day. At night or during periods of insufficient solar power, the utility grid will seamlessly meet your needs for electricity in the home.

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Freedom to extend that off grid adventure

DIY - RV Solar System Kits

Whether you are looking for a plug & play solar RV kit or a more comprehensive power management solution you've found the right place. Solar gives you the freedom to travel anywhere you like without relying on hooking up to get power everyday. Extend that off-grid RV stay and get away from the crowds on your terms. Harness the power of the sun with our do-it-yourself solar install kits.

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