Grid Tie Solar Kits

Grid Tie Solar Kits

  • Includes leading grid tie inverters, essential for effective solar panel installation.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your home's electrical system, fully compliant with Net Metering and Canadian Electrical Code.
  • Improve efficiency and track savings on your electricity bill with the FortisBC Electricity Calculator. Promotes greener homes.
  • Save on utility bills with our DIY Grid Tie Solar Systems.
  • Eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Grant with Hoymiles Grid Tied Solar Kits.

Hoymiles Grid Tie Solar Systems

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Guide to Installing Grid Tie Solar Systems

When choosing to go Grid Tie, there are important steps and considerations to size and install the right solar system for your property.

  • Determine your energy usage. How much do you currently pay on Tier 1 and Tier 2 plans? You can find this information on your utility bills.

  • Do you want to go Net Zero, eliminate Tier 2 costs, or reduce your utility bill while supporting green energy?

  • Check the size of your electrical/breaker panel. Usually, there is a sticker on the main shut-off switch.

  • Calculate your roof area available for solar panels or consider ground mounts.

  • Consider inverters for converting DC electricity from solar panels into AC electricity for your home's appliances.

  • Apply for a permit yourself or work with a local electrician to connect to the Grid.

Read our Blog Post to learn more about What is Grid Tie and How to Get Started, inverters, and how to install them.

How Grid Tie Works