Solar Panel Mounting Solutions For Every Requirement

Whether you have a shingle, metal, or felt roof or require a stand-alone pole/racking system we have the solutions that securely fix your Solar panels.
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Solar Panel Ground Mounts

Unique RT Mini Mounting

With the innovative RT-Mini brackets, you can attach them anywhere on your roof without having to drill into joists and piece of mind

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Roof mounts for shingle roofs

Kinetic Solar Racking and Mounting Kinetic Solar, a leader in solar energy solutions, serves residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Dedicated to sustainability, the company provides a broad spectrum of products and services to help reduce carbon footprints using solar power. The Kinetic Rapid 1 rail is our most commonly used rail. It attaches to the roof via the use of L-Brackets or Standing-L. It’s designed with ease of installation in mind, working seamlessly with our cable management, microinverter mounts, and others.

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S-5 Metal Roof Clamps

Selecting the Ideal Engineered Metal Roof Clamp for Your Project S-5! clamps come in two distinct sizes tailored to meet the diverse holding strength requirements of various utility projects. For heavy-duty tasks, like snow retention systems, our standard clamps, equipped with two setscrews, offer exceptional, proven holding power. Alternatively, our Mini clamps, featuring a single setscrew, offer a cost-effective solution for medium or lighter-duty applications such as mounting satellite dishes or solar panels.

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Top of Pole Ground Mounts

Solar Panel Top of Pole Ground Mounts Solar panel top of pole ground mounts are a durable and efficient mounting solution for solar panels, designed to be installed on single sturdy poles. These mounts elevate the panels above the ground, which helps in optimizing sun exposure and protects the panels from potential ground-level hazards like flooding or heavy snow.

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