PYTES Solar Energy Storage

Pytes: The Ultimate in Energy Storage Solutions

When you need a safe, well-designed and high-performance battery bank with an industry leading 10 year warranty, look no further than PYTES.

Pytes battery packs offer many space-optimized assembly configurations, including server rack mounting, wall mount, and thermally insulated enclosures for extremely cold environments.

Incredibly compact, easy to install, and require no maintenance - making them a vital building block for energy storage systems.

PYTES battery solutions are widely applied in home applications, small commercial, industrial energy storage systems (ESS), and Telecom stations.

UL9540 Certified to meet the new Canadian Electrical Code for energy storage installation in Canada, and certified by the following international testing laboratories: TUV, SGS, BV.

Pytes E-BOX-48100R 48V 100Ah

UL 9540 Certified Residential BESS System

How to connect Pytes battery E-box-48100R with Victron inverter

Pytes E-Box-48100R 48V 100Ah

UL 9540 Certified Residential BESS System

Pytes E-BOX 48100R

Pytes E-Box - 48100R

Benefits of PYTES E-Box - 48100R:

  • Compact Modular Design. PYTES ESS is designed with a compact modular style that makes installation and maintenance a breeze.
  • Built-in BMS LFP Batteries. Get the safest and most maintenance-free battery on the market with PYTES ESS.
  • High Performance. PYTES ESS contributes to higher performance for any application.

Say goodbye to Flooded Lead Acid and AGM batteries with PYTES ESS. The perfect solar storage solution, PYTES ESS has you covered with its state-of-the-art technology.

From their compact modular design to their built-in BMS LFP batteries, you'll be getting the safest and most maintenance-free product on the market. The Pytes E-Box - 48100R has 10 year warranty and UL9540 certification.

Chemistry   LFP 
Nominal Voltage  51.2V
Voltage Range  47.5V-58V
Nominal Capacity  100Ah
Nominal Energy  5.12kWh
Unit Dimension  L440mm* W620mm* H117mm (2.6U)
Unit Weight  51kg
Standard Charge Current 50A
Maximum Charge Current  50A
Standard Discharge  50A
Maximum Discharge Rate 50A
Round-Trip Efficiency  ≥95%
Communication Protocol  RS232, RS485, CAN
Cycle Life ≥6000cycles
Calendar Life ≥10years
Operating Temperature  -10°C~50°C
Connect style  Parallel
Storage Temperature  Within 1month: 
1-3months: 0~35°C, 
3-12months: 20~25°C