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Where Your Solar Batteries need to be Located to meet code

19 May 2023

Installing a battery-based Energy Storage System (ESS) in residential occupancies can be complicated. In Canada, the building code is governed by National Fire Code of Canada, Bulletin 64-8-0. Specifically, Rule 64-918 2) prohibits installing ESS utilizing batteries below grade including basements of dwelling units. Additionally, Rule 64-918 4) prohibits ESS with a storage capacity greater than 1kWh or utilizing Li-Ion batteries from being installed in dwelling units, or any living space of a residential occupancy including clothes closets, storage rooms, bathrooms, stairways, or in any similar undesirable places.

Keyword: CDN Solar

  • Learn the building code and Rule 64-918 2 & 4 for installing battery-based ESS in residential occupancies.
  • Understand what is prohibited in terms of installation locations.
  • View the Code Document for more details
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